I've reached out my Member of Parliament Sven Spengemann to discuss the possibility of re-classifying the Armalite-15 (AR-15) and it's variants as a non-restricted firearm. There's a petition that has been circulating for a few months now, that would petition the Minister of Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness to consider the request. I'm hoping that AR's can be reclassified. 


Matt Capranos


Mississauga, Ontario


March 28 2016


Good day Mr Spengemann, 


I am writing you to as a constituent of Mississauga-Lakeshore, I would like to bring to your attention a Parliament of Canada E-Petition that would see a classification change to a popular modern sporting rifle in Canada. The following e-petition 111 - Firearms (https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-111), would see the Armalite-15 and it's variants re-classified to a non-restricted firearm based on technical merits, such as overall length (OAL) and barrel length. Currently the Armalite-15, or better knowns as the AR-15 and it's variants, are the only named restricted firearm in Canada.


Many Canadians legally enjoy the use of the Armalite-15 for both target or sport shooting, it's an extremely reliable rifle, that's light weight, versatile and can be customized to adapted to the needs of any shooter. However, since the Armalite-15 and all variants, including the Armalite-10 are named restricted firearms, they're restricted to range use only. As many Canadians enjoy both sport and target shooting, as well as hunting, we in the sport shooting and hunting community call on the government to remove the Armalite-15 and Armalite-10 from the restricted classification and make it a non-restricted firearm based on technical merits.


This will allow Canadians who take part in hunting, to use an Armalite-15 or Armalite-10 for hunting activities, again as the rifle is highly customizable firearm, different calibre barrels can be easily swapped to allow hunters to use the same firearm for both small, medium and large game.


There maybe concerns about allowing Armalite-15 and Armalite-10 rifles to be used at locations other then certified ranges, however, many shooters and hunters use different makes and models of gas operated rifles off of ranges safely every day without any issues. As well, versions of the Armalite-15 and Armalite-10 rifles with an Overall Length less then 26", or a barrel length less then 18.5" would still be a restricted firearm and would require it to be registered and only used at certified ranges.


Please see the included details from the petition:

  • The current firearm legislation classifies the semi-auto Armalite Rifle - 15 and variants as restricted when there is no inherent difference between it and that of hundreds or thousands of other firearms in Canada which have been, in due process, classified as non-restricted;

  • The restriction on the AR-15 and its variants prohibits the use of this semi-automatic modern sporting rifle from being used for lawful purposes such as hunting;

  • This rifle has been ultimately restricted purely because of cosmetic appearance of the rifle which does not make the rifle more dangerous. It has been assembled with modern day materials (plastic & aluminium) and that shouldn't be the merit to base a rifle for restricted classification as there are thousands of other rifles like it used on a day to day basis for legitimate purposes;

  • This rifle is the most versatile hunting rifle in the world. The calibre can easily be changed to meet lawful provincial hunting requirements from small game to big game animals without the need to purchase multiple gaming rifles; and The Armalite Rifle - 15 was in fact legal to hunt with before the mid 1990's firearm classification changes and we hunters would like that opportunity restored.

  • We, the undersigned, Lawful Firearm Owners of Canada, request (or call upon) the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to Re-classify the Armalite Rifle - 15 back to non-restricted status so we can once again use this rifle to lawfully participate in the Canadian cultural practices of hunting.


As well, please see the links to an example of rifles, this change would allow Canadian sport / target shooters and hunters to use outside of the range.




As a constituent of your riding, can I count on your support to reclassify the Armalite-15 and Armalite-10 to non-restricted? I am available by email to further discuss the topic if you're interested. 


Thank you for your time and consideration. 



Matt Capranos

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An E-petition <it can be found here> has been circulating for the last few weeks, to Petition to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to reclassify the AR-15 as a non-restricted firearm, and those AR-15s that meet certain technical merits would still remain restricted, based on barrel length and over all length would still be restricted. The AR-15 in Canada is the only named restricted firearms, regardless of barrel length or calibre, if it's an AR-15 or a variant of an AR-15, it's restricted. This is wrong! The AR-15 is no better or worse then any other centre fire rifle, just be cause it's black and has modern accessories doesn't mean it's any more deadly then a lever or pump action rifle. 

This petition would hopefully have the affect of moving the AR-15 out of it's currently named restricted designation, and AR-15's with a barrel length greater then 18.6" inches and an overall length of 26" inches would be non-restricted, less then those numbers, it would be restricted. What does this mean? It means that people can use their AR-15's and AR-10's for hunting and target shooting outside of the range, basically the AR-15/AR-10 would be treated just like every other gun in the country. 

While my channel hasn't been active as of late, it's been taking a back seat to things happening in my life. With the results of tonight's Federal election, I will say I am disappointed by the election results. I was hoping it would be at least a CPC minority, since the election results are not exactly in the favour of gun owners, I may start deleting all my gun related videos, pictures, and social media accounts.

Since I don't trust Trudeau won't bring back in a gun registry or out right ban certain firearms, especially with Adam Vaughan, Mark Holland and Bill Blair being elected (notable anti-firearms ownership) I don't want to make it easy for any gun grabbing politicians to know what I own. My youtube channel and other social media accounts are a shopping list of what I own, and since I was willing to post videos and pictures using my real name, I don't want to make it any easier for gun grabbers to take what I spent a large sum of my hard earned money on.


I've decided that I won't delete my content, but will do my best to post even more! 

About 5:40 PM, Wednesday April 4th, the Senate of Canada has passed Bill C-19 putting the second last nail in the LGR's coffin.

The vote was 50 - 27.

It's now off to the GG for royal assent and setting of the in-force date.

In the coming weeks the requirement to register my legally owned property with a central government database will be removed. Today is a great day to be a Canadian, it's a rare moment when bad laws are slowly stripped from the books.

Bill C-19, Ending the Long-gun Registry Act, has passed the 3rd and final vote in the House of Commons.

The Long Gun registry and almost 18 years of making firearms owners paper criminals is almost done. Today is a great day to be a Canadian!

As I said, I would post a reply from my MPP.

Dear Mr. Capranos, Thank you for your email regarding the G20 conference. I appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns.‪
As you know, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) requested, in the context of public safety, that a regulation be made under the Public Works Protection Act to designate the G20 area security perimeter as “public works” from June 21st - June 28th.
The PWPA was established in 1939 and is in effect in several locations across the province. In 2005, the authority to enforce the PWPA was upheld by Ontario Courts.
More information is available by TPS at (416) 808-2222.‪‪
On a personal level, I am deeply disappointed by the violent actions that occurred over that weekend. I have encouraged and supported public demonstrations in the past and I believe very strongly that peaceful protests play a vital role in a healthy democracy and, more importantly, that our rights to assemble and demonstrate are fundamental. Civil liberties and civil rights are the cornerstones of our society and freedom.‪‪ I will continue to reinforce these issues with my colleagues at Queen's Park.
Thank you again for writing. ‪
Sincerely, ‪ Charles Sousa, MPP‪ Mississauga South‪