As the names suggests here is a video of our great western road trip of 2012. 

I made the video using my Go Pro Hero 2 and taking a video every 30 seconds. The video covers most of the 12,000 Km+ drive. 

There is some pics missing, but all in all it's a cool video to watch

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We're back in Lacombe, we made it back with a full day before the wedding, it gave us time to pick up Jonathan's rental suit, go to the wedding rehearsal so he would know his part for the day.

Our Aunt Sheron and Uncle Don have flown in from Mississauga for the wedding, we met up at my Uncle Jays place for conversation and taking it easy. 

For the first time in a long while there was a bunch of us under the same roof. 

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We're seventeen days into our trip and we're on the loop back home. 
As I said yesterday, we weren't able to spend the night in the park, we could find any hotels, so we drove back from Hinton, Alberta to the gate at Jasper. 
Today we drove down along the Icefields Parkway, I'm still stunned by the twists and turns long the road and every where you can stop to admire a part of the land scape. 

We stopped along the Columbia Glacier, Overlander Pass, Lake Moriane, Lake Louise. I still can't get over the turquoise blue of the glacial lakes. I went in up to my knees, the water is freezing! 

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It's Day Sixteen of our road trip, and we're on our way back to Lacombe, we'll be taking the long way back to my Uncle's place. 

We stopped in Kamloops so I could visit the companies new Data Center, it's an amazing building that screams "FUCK OFF" when you pull up to it. After a tour of the facility we got back onto the road. 

We're going to visiting Jasper and then Banff national parks, (there's no real way to bypass them on the road we're going). 

As a bunch of city boys from Southern GTA, the only mountains we ever really see is in Hamilton, comparing Hamilton to the Rockies, there is no comparison. 

Driving through the mountain's is amazing! Every where you look you want to stop and take in the sights. 
We stopped in Jasper for lunch and to walk around a little bit, we had a hell of a time trying to find a hotel to stay for the night. 
It's great traveling with my brothers, but when it's four of us, trying to find room(s) to stay in is almost impossible. 

We left the park for the evening and stayed in Hinton Alberta, we'll be back into the park tomorrow morning for more exploring!

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Day Fifteen actually started late (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it), I decided to try my hands at some night time photography, sadly the images didn't turn out as well as I had hoped). 

We spent the morning topping up on some groceries and getting ready to boot back across the Island, sadly, we're running out of time and need to be in Lacombe in time for my Cousin JR's wedding. 

When leaving Tofino, in think the realization is, we're heading home.....this is our swing back of Road Trip 2012, at vacation, our adventure is now coming to an end. 

We caught the ferry from Nanaimo and landing back on the mainland in Horseshoe Bay. We decided not to spend the night in Vancouver, we would bypass the city and head into the mountains. Tonight we would be staying in Kamloops BC. 

I regret not staying in Vancouver, I will be back, hopefully next year.