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Day 9 (25)

We made it into Calgary late this morning, and we found a hotel for the night.
I came down to Calgary, for the day because I will finally get a chance to visit our Calgary office. After working at Q9 for 5 years, it's finally nice to see other team members, people I have been speaking to on the phone for years.

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Day 8 (1)

We met up with JR in Blackfalds, he gave us a tour of his new store that he's opening up. He and his friends are looking to open a store that specializes in health food.

I hope his store does well, but I don't know, it's in a less then ideal location. If it was in a more major urban area then maybe it would do better.

After meet up with JR, we went down to Red Deer picked up the rental car, then went back to Jays new place and helped him unpack. Thankfully JR was there to help or we would have never finished, there was a ton of stuff to move. After completing the move, we went with Jay to drop the U-Haul rental off and said our Goodbyes, we don't have much time left before we head down to Calgary. Before left, we did make a quick stop at JR's it'll be a while before we get to see him again, so it was good hanging out with him. Kind of like the old days. 

One more sleep then we fly back to Mississauga.

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Day 7 (6)

It's day seven of our road trip, we picked up the vehicles from Bill's in-laws farm, loaded up our luggage and then got back onto the road.
From Moose Jaw to the Alberta border wasn't that far, and it's a surprising nice drive, I had visions that the prairies were flat and boring, far from it, there's a few places to check out a long the way.

We hit the border, and snapped a few pics, Jay was asking how far we should make it for the day. With the lack of available time before we have to fly back, I told Jay that we need to push forward and get us to Lacombe. We still have to help Jay unpack and move everything into the house, if don't make Lacombe tonight we wouldn't have had much time to complete the move.

Jay and I agreed and we pushed through, we went up through the bandlands and an area called Drumheller.
The place was amazing, seeing the different rock outcroppings. A unique geographical area within the prairies.

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Day 6 (93)

Happy Birthday Paul, it's his 34th Birthday, and we're spending it in Moose Jaw.
Bill took us around to the few sites and sounds to see in the city, we checked out the local Armory and then we went back to Regina to check out Wholesale sports and Princess Auto.

It's a good thing I'm flying back, there's always a few things I would like to pick up at Princess Auto

We ended the night with a Birthday Day Dinner for Paul

Pics for the day

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Day-5 (143)

We made it as far as Moose Jaw today, apparently we're going to be spending a few nights here.
My cousin Bill will be putting my brothers and I up for a couple of nights, which is nice

To our surprise him and Amanda will be putting on a BBQ for us, it's nice to be stationary for a bit, but at the same time for my Brothers upcoming birthday, I was hoping to be enjoying it in Calgary. Also, I'm worried about how much time we have left before we have to fly home, I was only able to get a couple of days off work. 

For now, we're going to take it easy and enjoy the receding flood waters around Moose Jaw

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Day-4 (46)

Our day started with a big hearty meal, need to top up the tank for the drive ahead. After taking in a few of the monuments of Kenora, we got back on to the road and headed to the Provincial border, even from Kenora it still took a while to get to the Manitoba border.

Finally after 3 days of drive, and nearly 2000 km of driving we reach the border.

This the first time I've been out of Ontario on it's western border!