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This morning my little pick up truck hit a huge milestone, she crossed the 333333 Km mark. I hit this achievement coming into work early to help cover for part of a night shift as we're short staffed. I don't mind the bit of extra OT money since I'm planning on a Vancouver trip with Cullen in a couple of weeks, plus I did just get home from my Road Trip not too long ago and need to build back up the saving again. How long did it take me to hit this Goal? I purchased my truck in March of 2006 after my Chevy Cavalier's ignition coil went. Since then, my pick up and I have driven cross country 3 time, been to Ottawa, Montreal, and well just about every imaginable in Ontario. I'm avg about 3000 km a month or about 36,000 Km a year. My goal is to roll the odometer over, at this rate, it should only take about 15 more years :)  

It took a couple of months from my first "official Youtube video" to get to my 25,000th view, I'm still kind of shocked that people would watch my videos, but it's been a ton of fun and I hope to keep it up for the future, we'll see what videos I can come up with and what new toys I can show off. For tonight, I'm going to raise a glass to all those that have subscribed to me and have watched my videos. Thank you! 

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My buddies (Roland, Jason) and I were up north for our annual hunting trip, for Roland and I this is our 3rd year and the 2nd year that our buddy Jason has joined us. We spent most of our time out on the woods sitting at our blinds hoping we would see some activity from the bush, sadly, nothing was stirring this year. We ended up coming home empty handed, but still I enjoy hunting for more then just the hunt, in fact I'm just as happy not filling my tags as I am bagging our limit. For me our week long hunting trips are about spending time with my friends, getting up early every morning, spending just about the entire day outdoors, only coming back to the house for lunch, before heading back out the blind for the rest of the afternoon. Then when the sun sets, heading back to the house, getting warm by the fire, having a couple of beers, telling the same old stories and doing it all over again the next day. 

Similar to what I did for my last road trip, I put together a time lapse video of the drive out west and back. Using my Go Pro Hero 2, I mounted it to the windshield and took a picture every 60 seconds. I think it turned out pretty good, I hope you enjoy!

I would have posted some pics for the day, if we has stopped for the night. But I ended up driving through the night to get home. You probably know that feeling, you're a long way from home, and suddenly the distance doesn't see that far away. So you decide to just push through and make it the last few....well in our case 100's of Km's down the road.

The drive from Dryden, Ontario back to the GTA was about 23 hours including stops to use the washroom, grab a bite to eat, get out and stretch our legs, gas up, etc. My god, I still can't get over how long of a drive it is!

We left Dryden, I think around 9 ~ 10 am, gassed up and grabbed a coffee. our first stop was at the plaque for the timezone change. We're finally back in Eastern Time! 

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