I'm at the range tonight shooting my Benelli Supernova tactical, it's a fun pump gun, it chews through just any load that I can put through it. Sadly, at the my ranges, especially at my indoor club, I can only shoot with slugs. So I'm running it with Winchester 3" 1oz slugs and these things out of a 14.5" barrel produces some nice fireballs.


Today I will be talking about the Benelli Supernova Tactical, ever since my buddy bought one, I've wanted to add one to my collection. I was happy to pick this guy up a few weeks back at Al Flarety's gun shop in Toronto, they had them on the shelf and as always at a price that was too good to say no too. 

The SuperNova Tactical pump shotgun has all the features you want in a defense (in Canada a target / plinking) gun, providing complete confidence and peace of mind.

  • Pump-action reliability
  • Ghost-ring or open-rifle sights
  • ComforTech® recoil reduction system or pistol-grip stock
  • Steel skeletal framework over-molded with high-tech polymer
  • Forend shell-stop button

I got home from a weekend visit up to the family compound, my buddies Jason and Roland were up there with me this weekend. We brought out our Benelli shotguns for a little blasting. 
I brought my Benelli M4, Roland brought his Benelli Supernova Tactical and Jason his Benelli Supernova. Shooting shotguns all weekend is a blast! 

I'm at Silverdalte today popping off slugs from my Benelli M4, sadly, the ranges I'm set up at don't allow me to use anything but slugs and at nearly a buck a shot (not buckshot, but 1 dollar a round) it gets price to have fun. : /    I'll have to keep my eye open for any stores that have any deals going for slugs, last time I was up at Bass Pro, they had 2 3/4 slugs on for $4 for 5 rounds, so hopefully they have another sale on soon. 

As for my Benelli M4, as always it function flawlessly, I don't have many rounds through her, probably less then 250 shells in total, but every chance I get to take it to the range, I like to let her rip. Next time I head up north, where I can blast old paint cans and cinder blocks in the woods, I'll be sure to film a video of me using it. For now, here's my day spent at Silverdale (with a cameo from Roland) shooting my Benelli M4. 

I've been wanting a Benelli M4 for a long while and back in the summer months before I headed out on my cross country road trip, I decided to order it. It was too hard to pass up an opportunity to order one from Wolverine Supplies, it didn't take very long to show up at my house, actually I was quite surprised by how fast from the date I ordered it to the date it arrived, it was about 48 ~ 72 hours. For once I finally got Roland when it came to surprising him with a purchase, I was actually sitting 5 feet from him when I placed the order, it's dangerous having a credit card and PAL number memorized, maybe it's a sign that I've been doing too much ordering as of late....nah. 

For us Canucks we can order our Benelli M4s with either the fixed stock or a collapsible stock, but sadly, our magazine tubes are limited to 5 rounds (since it is a semi-auto centre fire firearm), the M4 Tactical Shotgun is chambered for 12-Gauge and will accommodate 2-3/4" and 3" inch shells, so far I have only run Remington sluggers through my shotgun. 

Well Roland has done it again, it seems almost on a weekly basis, he's bringing a new toy out to the range to show off. Especially a new toy that I want to buy! Today, we're shooting his Benelli Supernova Tactical, this shotgun is based on the very popular Benelli Supernova, which I've shot several times over the years. The major differences are, the Supernova Tactical features a collapsible stock, 14" smooth bore barrel, and grip and just like it's larger brother, the Benelli Supernova tactical will chamber 3 1/2" shells. With the shorter barrel and 3 1/2" slugs the fire balls coming out of the muzzle are NICE! it's like a laser!