As 2016 rolls to a close, I'm still holding out hope for my RPD. I ordered the rifle from Arms East back in Jan 2014, in less than a months time, it'll be the start of my 3rd year waiting for this rifle to come across the border. 

You might be asking what is the hold up? Well at the the moment it's the RCMP's firearms lab.

I can't go into too many details as I've been asked to withhold passing along any of the discussion from Arms East in regards to what's happening behind the scenes and Until the final decision is reached, I'll keep all the communications I've had with them private, but what I can say is this, Arms East has been working hard to make this project happen!

A lot of gun owners have a ton of money tied up in these firearms and Arms East could have easily cut them a cheque, paying them back and said the project is dead, ain't going to happen in Canada, then sold these guns on the US market and it would've be done. However, they've been working non-stop to get the RCMP to come to the correct classification on the RPDs and finish the process of getting them imported into Canada. I'm in it for the long haul and looking forward to having my gun in hand in 2017! 

Here's hoping that I'll be doing belt dumps on my rifle in 2017!

Happy New Years!