There's no shortage of vendors in Canada to choose from when it comes feeding your firearms. We get all the major vendors up here, Remington / Hornady / Winchester / MFS / etc, but when shooting my semi auto firearms,  I'm looking for bulk ammo. Two popular bulk ammo choices is the Chinese 5.56 ball ammo that was brought in from Canada Ammo and MFS 223 Remington. In today's video, I'm going to be comparing the two cartridges, the bullets, the powder, brass and how consistent they are between them. 

Today on the bench is a crate of a Chinese 5.56x45 Nato, The crates came in the mail from Canada Ammo last week, it was part of a buy 4 for the price 3. It's one of those deals that you can't pass up. 

Inside of the crate, contains 2 spam cans of 5.56x45 Nato ammo, each spam contains 560 rounds, this ammo was manufactured in Nov 1995. To open the cans, you need the can opening tool, and unrolling to open up the contents. 

In a future video, I'll do a comparison between two popular 223 Rem / 5.56 Nato cartridges that I shoot.