Tonight at the range, I'm shooting my buddies Pardini gt9-1. This is by far one of the slickest pistols I've ever shot, it's light, tight fitting, and the trigger is incredibly easy to squeeze. I found myself squeezing off triple taps a couple of times during the night. If this pistol didn't command such a hefty price tag of nearly $2800 (after tax), I would splurge and pick one up. 

It seems like just about every Youtube Gun channel has a 1911 video, whether shooting them or breaking them or breaking them down. So I figured it's time to piece together one for my channel. Tonight, I'm taking apart my Para Ordnance SF-45-A, this pistol came into my possession many years ago, I think in 2009 or 2010, long after Para had moved their operations from Toronto (yes that Toronto) Ontario, Canada to Pineville, North Carolina. 

My Para SF-45-A, was a production run that was put out for the Canadian Border Services, as a way to commemorate all of the hard work the Canadian Border Services Agents do to monitor and protect Canada's sovereignty, while acting as provincial agents in taxing Canadians when they try to bring more then 1 bottle of whisky into the country....but that's me hating on our regressive liquor laws and high taxes we pay to enjoy libations...but I digress, you're here to read about guns and not about how I hate to pay high taxes for beer n booze, my other favorite hobbies. 

The Para SF-45-A features:

  • 5 inch ramped, matched barrel with guide rod
  • 3 Dot Tritium night sights,
  • Stainless steel finish, with integral light rail
  • Spurred Competition Hammer
  • Medium length, Match Grade Trigger
  • Double stacked magazines, that allows 10+1 round capacity (the +1 is the round in the chamber)
  • Weighs 40 ounces 
  • And is 8.5" long and 5.75" tall
  • Ambidextrous thumb safety

My Para doesn't see as much use as I would like, only because the cost of 45 ACP is so damn high and the best deal on the ammo, the 100 round Winchester bulk packs can't be found anywhere. I should definitely reload, it'll cut costs down greatly, or at least my firearms will be used more often. I think total round count on my pistol well below 1000 rounds, somewhere in the 700 ~ 800 round count. My HK 45 Compact as of late has been seeing more use, it's probably around the 300 ~ 400 round mark. Still shooting 45 ACP is a helluva lot of fun!  

Here's a video of me taking the firearm apart and putting it back together again.

I'm at the range tonight shooting my Beretta 92FS, this was the first handgun that I ever bought, I purchased it at Al Simmons gun shop in Hamilton. It was also the first used firearm that I ever purchased. As with the last few videos, I'm wearing my GoPro Hero2 on my head, I like being able to see what I'm doing while shooting my firearms, the biggest thing is watching my hands, after a pistol course I took last summer, I'm trying to see if I'm constantly re-gripping, how high my hands are on the pistol and if my technique is improving while shooting my pistols. It was a good night night at the range, and as always there was some good range banter with Roland (some of the banter didn't make it into the video) 

It's been a long while since I last posted a video to my Youtube Channel, life seems to be getting in the way of range time. I upload this video late last year and have yet to post it. Tonight I'm shooting my Ruger MKIII 22/45 pistol, I bought this pistol from my buddy Roland years ago, and now with an unknown round count, but it's still going strong. It's one of my favourite pistols to plink with, you can bring a box of 22 LR and blast all day ~ night long and not burn through a ton of cash. 

Spent the night at the range shooting my Polish TT33, shooting S&B 85 grain FMJ 7.62x25, this is modern manufactured ammo, and is not steel core as my Indoor club doesn't allow us to shoot it. The Radom factory 11 (Polish) TT-33 a fun little gun to shoot, that's snappy for it's size and weight and for a pistol that was manufactured in 1951 it looks pretty good. 

Was having a few feeding issues with it, not sure if it's related to the after market magazines that I picked up for it, these mags I believe are all newly manufactured, I'm not sure where they came from (in terms of who made them), I did order them from Corwin arms, they had them for an amazing price, so I ordered 8 in total to use with my Polish and Russian TT-33s. 

Tonight at the range, I'm shooting my Sig Sauer P226, of all my 9x19 mm pistols this one has by far seen the most use as of late. I do own a few other 9x19 pistols and they find their way out to the range every so often, but I think my Sig P226 fits my stubby little hands the best, and I find the controls, whether the magazine release, slide release or the de-cocker the easiest to manipulate. I put my Sig through it's paces a few days ago at my first every pistol course, nearly 800 rounds down the pipe in a day, and it ran flawlessly, the only issue was the Barnual ammo I was shooting would sometimes have a miss fire. 

I need to practice more, I went from getting decent groups to barely able to get rounds on paper in less then a month.