Today, I will be discussing my "Made in the Motherfucking USA" S.O.E Orginal - Cop Rig. I purchased the rig from DS Tactical, this way when running around in the bush, I can carry multiple rows of shotgun shells on my chest, instead of lugging around boxes or loose shells in my pockets. Or if I ever opt to take up 3 gun (or similar shooting sports) I can have a micro rig where I can utilise it for both carrying shotgun shells on the cards and 3 STANAG magazines that I can carry in the pouches. 

From S.O.E's website:

The New S.O.E. Cop rig is the perfect setup for the patrol man.7" tall x 13" wide. On the right side of the rig there is a Tear Off Compact Med Pouch. On the left side of the rig is three 12 Ga trays holding six (6) rounds each. Three (3) extra trays in the pockets behind holding six (6) more rounds each giving you a total of 36 rounds of 12 gauge or remove the back 12 gauge trays and with the included bungee retetion you can hold three (3) M4 mags.

The entire panel is a flat pocket with 12" long loop velcro for attaching most of our velcro backed pistol cards orTOOL Bag Organizer.

I am neither an operator or very tactical, but I do appreciate buying quality equipment that will hold up to the elements and the abuse that I'll put it through. For tonight's video I'm going to talk about my Tactical Tailor Operator removable operator pack. I bought the pack from DS Tactical and I've been using it for a combination of my range bag / hunting pack / camera bag when I'm vacation and trips. The pack fits the multiple roles that I put it through and has held up very well thus far, definitely one of those purchase where I didn't mind crying over it.  


I've been following a couple of Facebook pages and web forums as of late focusing on EDC (every day carry) items. The idea behind EDC is items that you always have on your persons, whether it's a small first aid kit, a flash light, wallet, (or in the case of my American Cousins) a firearm. In Canada we can carry pocket knives, but not for offensive or defensive reasons, but only as a tool, and if stopped by a LEO you will be questioned on it and depending on the kind of day  they're having you may get charged with carrying one. I keep a pocket knife on me everywhere I go, I have a Benchmade Osborne Barrage and I love it! 

But like I said, as of late, I've been following some website / forums / facebook pages about the idea of pocket tools, small portable tools that can help you out in a jam. So I was a knife shop in Rexdale a few weeks back and I picked up this Boker Plus Tucan tool. I've been wearing with me as of late and so far I love it, I mostly use it a bottle opener, but it does come with a small pry tool, slot screw drive end and a 1" fixed blade knife. Keeping this tool with me, will mean that I will no longer use my Benchmade knife as a pry tool (which I've already broken one) and I can use this for rough use around the house, truck or at the range. 

In this video I will be discussing my everyday tactical accessories purse. I bring this bag with me just about everywhere I go. If it's not on my persons it's in my truck. You may have noticed the large rip across the front of the bag, this was due to me catching the pouch on a handrail when walking to work, attempting to get it unstuck, the front of the pouch ripped. Lastly, I am starting to notice some of the stitching starting to rip around the shoulder strap, still after 2+ years of use, it is holding up pretty well. 

Inside of the main pouch I keep a sewing kit, extra batteries for my flash light, energy bars, external HDD (that I use for my backups), battery charger for my cell / camera batteries, an emergency bivy. In pouches around bag, I keep a head lamp flashlight, a small package of matches, a much larger first aid kit, with better bandages, moleskins for blisters, a few feet of paracord. I've added on a holder for a large water bottle (I bought it from ITS Tactical), and using some tactical tailor mag pouches, I also keep a multi-tool, an extra pocket knife, and a Fenix PD35 850 lumen flashlight.  

Lastly, I have a small med pouch, I keep my extra tylenol, eye drops, cold meds (especially this time of the year), I do have to organize this pouch so I can put all of my first aid kit into it. 

I'm back in the garage tonight to do a review video of all things, my Coat. In many of my videos you'll see me rocking an tan / coyote jacket. This coat is made by Condor, it's a Condor Soft Shell coat. It's fits, but fits snuggly, I like the coat for a couple of reasons, the biggest one is the number of pockets, it's true what the they say about pockets, if you have them you'll find a way to fill them up and this coat has a ton of real estate to stuff just about everything into it. 

I keep everything from keys, ear protection, a random bullet or firearms part. I also keep some essentials in my coat, such as a small first aid kit, which it really just package of small bandages, a pair or latex gloves, and wipes in the case of cuts or scrapes. I also keep in my other pockets, a small Fenix PD22 flash light, it's saved my backside a couple of times and I don't leave home without it. 

I also like wearing a few morale patches on my arms, on my left side, I wear a Canadian flag patch (I really do wear my country on my sleeve, and on the right arm, I keep a Captain America Hello Kitty Morale patch with a "I love recoil" patch beneath it. If I had to buy the coat again, I would probably buy it in black, I think it would have a better urban feel for it. 

During our annual hunting trip, Roland decided to take a break from relaxing to baton up some kindling. He managed to put together a nice pile of kindling after a couple of minutes of tough manual labor, if we weren't heading back out into the woods in a couple of hours to set up at the blinds, I would have offered him a beer.